About our curriculum

  1. Through the education on mathematical and scientific subjects including discrete mathematics, continuum mathematics and theoretical physics, the Mathematical Science Course aims at developing human resources with abilities to grasp things from mathematical and scientific viewpoints, and to reconstruct the ideas arising from the viewpoints to apply them to the research and the development.
  2. During the first academic year, students study basic subjects needed to study the specialized subjects and deepen understanding on their roles in the broad fields of science and engineering. They also learn the basic techniques of data processing in the year.
  3. During the second academic year, they study ways of thinking in each field of mathematical science and habituate themselves to thinking and discussing logically. In the practice classes based on the interactive education, students can learn techniques to explain things rationally, to investigate materials, and to write.
  4. During the third academic year, students deepen the knowledge in each of the specialized fields.
    For instance, the topics students study in this year include:

    • Reasoning to deal with mathematical structures rigorously,
    • Analysis and interpretation of physical phenomena and structures of matter based on quantum mechanics, and
    • Theory for the telecommunication technology
  5. During the fourth academic year, via studying highly-specialized topics in the classes as “Proposal of research themes” and “Graduation research”, students get proficient at the techniques and the ways of thinking in each area and develop skills to put their special knowledge to practical use.