About Mathematical Science Course

ジュリア集合In Mathematical Science Course, students learn the mathematical and scientific methods.

They also study and investigate the way how to make use of them, for example, to settle social problems or to improve the regional education on mathematics and science.

We offer various classes on mathematical science and computer science, whose subjects include algebra, geometry, analysis, discrete mathematics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and bioinformatics.

Supposed fields and courses for graduates

  • 光カイラルエッジモードHigh school teachers of mathematics and physics, who can utilize the special knowledge for the education on science and mathematics,
  • Researchers in public and private institutions.
  • Government employees of national and regional government office,
  • Employees in telecommunication industry, electrical and electronic industry, manufacturing industry, financial companies, securities companies and think tanks, who can utilize data-analyzing skill, programing skill and rational thinking.

Admission policy

We seek students who:

  1. have interest in and want to intensively study mathematics, physics and computer science,
  2. like keeping on thinking things from rational and objective viewpoints, and
  3. enjoy considering and discussing the principles and the structure in nature.

We ask students to learn the followings by the time of entering our course:

  • Basic knowledge on Mathematics and Physics at the high-school level and basic english skill,
  • Habituation to reading and writing,
  • Sprit of challenging something new and keeping on considering things.